Frankenstein Pudding Cups.

First of all, how cute are these pudding cups? crazy adorable.

The weather outside today was overcast, rainy, and just ugly! I decided to finally make these and have my oldest son help me! I had him crush up the oreos and mix the pudding. It’s great to get your children involved in the kitchen while they are young, the memories  will last a lifetime.


  • 9 oz. clear plastic cup
  • black permanent marker
  • green food coloring
  • instant vanilla pudding (6 1/2 – cup servings)
  • oreo cookies (crushed & without the cream filling)


  1. In a bowl follow the directions on the pudding box and make accordingly
  2. While waiting for your pudding to set, get a ziploc bag and put a handful of oreo cookies in it (remember: take out cream filling) and crush them all up
  3. Once your pudding is ready to go, take your green food coloring and put as little or many drops as you’d like (I put about 11 big drops) until it is the shade of green you are happy with
  4. Get your cups and with your marker draw on little faces! I went with the traditional Frankenstein face, with bolts and all
  5. Fill your cup up about half way with the pudding
  6. Add crushed oreo cookies on top
  7. Enjoy!


How easy was that? Almost a little tooo easy! right? These little guys are great for a kids Halloween party, after school snack, or just for fun! Another good idea would be to dye the pudding orange and draw little jack o’ lantern faces. Be creative, have fun, and eat up!



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